My husband was received at your center for rehabilitation this month and discharged October 18th. I cannot say enough about the care and support we received. Your team was caring and considerate, from the nurses to housekeeping. But I have to commend the nurse, Matthew. He took the time to help us with all our worries and always walked that extra mile. Also the young lady who was our night nurse was always so caring and ready to help. Thank you for your wonderful center and for the nurses we were privileged to have care for my husband. Even though it has been a trying time, your personnel made it much less difficult, especially Matthew. Thank you again.

Annibal Z and Lilian S

I was completely taken back by your facility. I had no idea that this place existed and in our community! This place is a wonderful place but I thought, I need to see more. From the day I was admitted I have been treated with patience, kindness and genuine care! Every single individual in this facility has been more than I can express into words! The doctors are completely understanding. The administrators are involved and help in the entire process. The nurses that have cared for me at your facility everyday and night are exceptional. The CNA’s are the heroes we tend to ignore. They are there fast upon calling and are all very comforting and kind. The maintenance keeps our room immaculately cleaned. The therapy unit are a terrific group of people. You all ROCK!!

Carmen Z

We had many great people involved with my mom’s care! I went to about 4 or 5 other facilities and couldn’t even consider them to care for my mom. I visited Palm Garden and I talked with various staff and residents and was so relieved the Lord led us to you! Everyone I had talked to was kind and helpful and the facility was very nice, clean and didn’t smell bad! To you all – please stay the same great people you are! God is using you in a beautiful and wonderful way.


For the last year my mother has been in several hospitals, three rehabs, two assisted living going back and forth. I asked God for two miracles – one that her last abscess heal and the second that she go to Palm Garden. God answered my prayers for both. I cannot thank you enough for your accepting my mom at your facility. The phone call was the best call of my life. You are wonderful! This is the first time in a year that I have peace of mind about my mom’s care!!