Testimonial – Words of Gratitude

Dear Palm Garden:

My husband, Anibal Z, was received at your center in Tampa, Fl for rehabilitation this month and discharged October 18th. I cannot say enough about the care and support we received. Your team was caring and considerate, from the nurses to housekeeping. But I have to specially commend the nurse, Matthew. He took the time to help us with all our worries and always walked that extra mile. Also the young lady who was our night nurse (unfortunately I did not write down her name) was always so caring and ready to help. Thank you for your wonderful center and for the nurses we were privileged to have care for my husband. Even though it has been a trying time, your personnel made it much less difficult, especially Matthew. Thank you again.

Anibal Z. and Lillian S.

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February 25, 2019

Dear Ms. Forney

I was completely taken back by your facility. I had no idea that this place existed and in our community! This place is a wonderful place but I thought, I need to see more.
I am certain that everyone may have their own opinions and may differ from mine. But at this point in time mine is all that matter.
From the day I was admitted I have been treated with patience, kindness and genuine care! Every single individual in this facility has been more than I can express into words.
Nowadays it is hard to find or witness devotion and care for another human being as I have experienced at your facility.

The doctors are completely understanding. They listened carefully and addressed my fears and concerns. I can’t say enough about them! They talked to my husband and I in a way that we understood. Made us comfortable and explained the medications and rehabilitation process in detail. They answered all our questions.

The administrators are involved and help in the entire process. They are wonderful and continue to assist with all of our needs.

The nurses that have cared for me at your facility every day and night are exceptional. They are giving us our medication on a timely basis, cleaning our stitches, tears, and fears. They try their best at keeping us calm. Many nights I heard them trying to keep a screaming patient calm, doing everything they could to help this person that was in pain or fear. Then taking time ongoing room by room checking to make sure that the rest of us were ok.
I wish I could give each and every one of them a medal for the wonderful work they do day and night. Even when busy and running on empty they remain kind, friendly, caring, sympathetic and I thank them!

The CNA’s are the heroes we tend to ignore. They are there fast upon calling. These individuals are all very comforting and kind. They make sure that we are as comfortable as it can possibly be. They are always trying their best to help, keeping our cups filled with ice water, that the beds are clean and are frequently seen running to help any given bell that is ringing. They are prepared to help us bathe and even clean us after using the toilet. All of this and they still remain upbeat, always with a smile and an encouraging word.
I call these outstanding nurses and CNA’s ”my Angels!”

The maintenance lady keeps our room immaculately cleaned. Every day she sweeps, mops, cleans the bathroom. The entire room. Takes the garbage. Always with a smile. The entire place is always clean! Inside but also outside!

The therapy unit – these individuals have been a terrific group of people. They are the people that encourage you to do what you must do to get better. They listened to you when you can no longer continue but encourage you to do better. My back thanks them.
For the work they do I call this unit my “dirty Angels!“

I have no words to express the gratitude for this facility. I just wish the community was aware that such s wonderful facility is right here in our own back yard.
I will forever remember this facility with fondness. For the care you’ve provided me with, for the patience, care, respect, kindness, respect and friendly atmosphere!
Please understand that you are all terrific and are the best of the best!

You all ROCK!!

My husband and I want to take this opportunity to thank the following individuals. They had no idea I was making mental notes. I’ve named them my “white-winged Angels”! Thank you. You are true Angels!

Erica G. – although they all have these busy schedules, Erica always takes the time to ask how am I feeling. How strong is the pain? Calmly changes the bandages and listens to my complaints. She’s an amazing person and an even better nurse. I am truly sorry that I sometimes delayed her! But Lord, she made me feel that someone cared and was listening to my complaints of pain and my cries! Thank you!

Chandra – an absolute gem. Kind and quick. Listens to the details and quickly does or tries to solve the problem. She knows her job well
. She will ask how I am doing. Takes action when needed, calls the doctor to advice him of the problem, immediately and returned to me to advise me of such. Changes the bandages. Helpful and caring.

Edith – sweet, kind and helpful.

Athena W. – how can I explain this woman! She always greets me/ us with a smile! Does her job without ever complaining. She’s never upset or disgusted. She’s always kind, friendly, caring. Her smile lights up a room and makes the start of my day more hopeful.

Angie W. – Another wonderful woman, with her beautiful smile and caring “ good morning “. Whom makes sure to respectfully inquires how you are doing or if there is anything she can do. Although you’re in pain, she makes you feel that there is hope. Or if she finds you crying, she stops to ask you what is the problem. She asks what she can do and proceeds to get help. Then makes sure to check in with you, even if it’s on her break or before she goes home! She is an absolute Angel.

Melissa, Eli and – in therapy I guess it is seldomely that they get a pat or a great big thanks. Well I must give you a big thank you, to all the hard workers in this unit. However these three individuals not only did they pushed me to my limits but they did not go over the limits. They listened and recommended the best course of action to help me achieve my goals. They often walked over to our rooms to check on us to make sure we are not to sore or just to say hello! Yup, my dark Angels!

The entire staff at Palm Gardens is absolutely wonderful, genuinely caring and helpful, in the healing of people like me. I want them to know that my recovery is because of everything they did and there are no words to describe how thankful my family and I are for everything you have done!

May God Bless each and every one of you and may God Bless this facility. May this facility continue to provide the community with the care we so desperately need. With a caring staff that has so humbling showed me that there are caring people to care for us when we are in need of.

Thank you and may God Bless you all ?

Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2019, 7:53 AM
To: Karen W.
Subject: Wonderful staff and experience at your facility.

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The Apple Award Winner: Aisha Allen

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I wanted to say that it was a good choice to come to Palm Garden for rehab. Even though no one wants to come to a place other than home (hospital, rehab, hospice, retirement center, etc.) I enjoyed the people (employee’s and residents/patients). Though I have two special employee’s I want to bring awareness to Premita, CNA, and Chris, Nurse. They were great, helpful, always there and honest it what was happening, the process here at Palm Garden.

Thanks So Much for your and everyone’s help during my rehab.

Diane H.

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When looking for a therapist of any kind, you want someone who instills confidence and hope. The first time we met Lisa Indelicato I knew my father was in good, no, GREAT hands. I had heard so much about aspirating and pneumonia in the previous weeks, that every time he swallowed anything I was terrified. Enter Lisa. She was going to test him on thin liquids. Out of fear, I turned to leave the room, but she stopped me with a very adamant, “No. Come back. There is no fear in this room.” And then she set about convincing us that she could fix him.

Lisa is the perfect Speech Therapist Trifecta. Passionate, knowledgeable and engaging. She brings years of experience blended with a huge personality. We learned. We relaxed and learned to breathe easily. And we had fun. And after she determined that he was a candidate for Vital Stem, he got better. And better. And better. I have no doubt that my father’s swallowing and speaking is on the track to normality today because of the perseverance and dedication of Lisa Indelicato. She gained my respect, admiration, and confidence from the moment I met her. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to her and to Palm Garden. You have a gem in her. I hope you know that.


Patti R., Roy’s daughter

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