Congratulations Laura Meech Florida Health Care Association LPN of the Year

Jun 13, 2023 | Blog

Laura Meech receiving award with team
Laura Meech receiving award

Join us in celebrating Laura Meech, a remarkable individual bestowed with this year’s prestigious statewide Licensed Practical Nurse Award at the Florida Health Care Association’s (FHCA) 2023 Excellence in Long Term Care Nursing Awards Meech’s journey to Palm Garden of Sun City Center began with her dedicated service as a nurse in the U.S. Army. Her professional path has since spanned diverse sectors, including oncology, urology, and pediatrics, before finding her calling in post-acute care and rehabilitation. Since joining Palm Garden in 2013, Meech has played multiple integral roles, such as a case manager, unit manager, and currently as the Director of Education and Infection Prevention. In her current capacity, Meech adeptly communicates with her team members, instilling confidence, and clinical excellence.

Laura Meech stands out as a problem solver and a team player, known for her compassionate nature, care for others, and a contagious laughter that brings joy to everyone around her. Brian Bentz, the Executive Director of Palm Garden of Sun City Center, commends Meech, stating, “She possesses the exceptional ability to anticipate and comprehend what needs to be accomplished to attain successful outcomes. Laura approaches every role with an unwavering determination to acquire the skills necessary for excellence.”

Nominated by FHCA-member Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living centers, the Excellence in Long Term Care Nursing Awards by FHCA acknowledge healthcare professionals who exemplify the unique qualities, professionalism, and expanded skill sets required in this field. These distinguished individuals are honored for their pivotal role in demonstrating a person-centered approach to treasured elders, contributing to continuous quality improvements within their respective centers.

Emmett Reed, CEO of FHCA, proudly declares, “Laura Meech epitomizes the essence of what it means to be an LPN, and we are thrilled to honor her as the 2023 LPN of the Year. Her determination and unwavering support for her residents and colleagues exemplify the approach that distinguishes Florida’s Post-Acute Rehabilitation and Living Centers as the finest in the nation.”

Join us in recognizing and applauding Laura Meech for her exceptional contributions to the field of nursing. Her unwavering dedication and commitment to providing high-quality care set a shining example for all professionals in the healthcare industry. Let us celebrate her well-deserved recognition and continue to support and uplift the individuals who strive for excellence in Post-Acute Rehabilitation and Living Centers.