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I wanted to say that it was a good choice to come to Palm Garden for rehab. Even though no one wants to come to a place other than home (hospital,rehab,hospice,retirement center, etc.) I enjoyed the people (employee’s and residence/patients). Though I have two special employee’s I want to bring awareness to: Premita, CNA and Chris, Nurse. They were great, helpful, always there and honest it what was happening, the process here at Palm Garden.

Thanks So Much for your and everyone’s help during my rehab.

Diane H.


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When looking for a therapist of any kind, you want someone who instills confidence and hope. The first time we met Lisa Indelicato I knew my father was in good, no, GREAT hands. I had heard so much about aspirating and pneumonia in the previous weeks, that every time he swallowed anything I was terrified. Enter Lisa. She was going to test him on thin liquids. Out of fear, I turned to leave the room, but she stopped me with a very adamant, “No. Come back. There is no fear in this room.” And then she set about convincing us that she could fix him.

Lisa is the perfect Speech Therapist Trifecta. Passionate, knowledgeable and engaging. She brings years of experience blended with a huge personality. We learned. We relaxed and learned to breath easily. And we had fun. And after she determined that he was a candidate for Vital Stem, he got better. And better. And better. I have no doubt that my father’s swallowing and speaking is on the track to normality today because of the perseverance and dedication of Lisa Indelicato. She gained my respect, admiration and confidence from the moment I met her. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to her and to Palm Garden. You have a gem in her. I hope you know that.


Patti Rogers, Roy’s daughter


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